The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly EffectCan you use the Butterfly Effect to create what you want out of life?  Can you create a life that is full of passion, love, and wealth from the butterfly effect? 

The answer is yes.  I know.  I created a life in Hawaii where I get to blog for a living and enjoy the beach, my dogs, friends and family and enjoy my surroundings to the fullest potential because I get to make my money with blogging.

What Is The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a term used in chaos theory to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition (also known as an initial condition) can affect large, complex systems. The term comes from the suggestion that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America could affect the weather in Texas, meaning that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part. Taken more broadly, the butterfly effect is a way of describing how, unless all factors can be accounted for, large systems like the weather remain impossible to predict with total accuracy because there are too many unknown variables to track.

How Can the Butterfly Effect Work for You

Start listening to your intuition a bit more.  Start making choices that quite possibly others would think are crazy but you know deep down inside if you didn’t have all of these nay say mediocre people harping at you on a daily basis, you would sign up.  You would go for it.  You would do something you actually have a passion for AND make it a great living too.

You would choose to go down the path of the Butterfly Effect, one that is slightly different than what you are doing and it would turn out to be the exact thing that creates all your dreams around you.

My Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect might now always seem to be the safest route.  But I can tell you from experience it can make the difference between living a life you are a bit disappointed about, a bit angry about, or a bit out of control because of everyone else’s choices.

Here’s my Butterfly Effect.  Maybe you can relate.  Maybe you want to join me in the butterfly effect after you read this.

Butterflies Fly in Hawaii

Short synopsis:  I sold everything I owned and gave up my business training dogs (yes I made a lot of money at it) to move to Hawaii with the love of my life.  I was so blinded by love or should I say instead sociopath behaviors, I didn’t stop to think he brought nothing with him.

So once my savings was gone, and he continued to drink and tear me down, yes the one with some business sense, the one who has made my living as a self employed confident women for so long, well into my 40′s was blinded by love and he took me for everything I had.

My choice and where the Butterfly Effect came in:  I moved to Maui.  No car, no savings left, yes a house to sell but not sold yet, myself and two dogs.

I could have stayed.  I could have been afraid because I had nothing left.  I could have stayed with a guy because he kept telling me I needed do, that my career was gone, that I needed him to get where I wanted to go.  I didn’t.  I flew to where I knew the passion would find me.  And it did.

I Love Making Money Blogging

I’ve blogged for years.  I’ve blogged about dogs with the hope that I would one day make money from blogging.  And it didn’t happen until my Butterfly Effect came into play and I flew to where I felt like I was called.  Through all of my blogging, I reconnected with someone I knew from a few years ago, when I first got into blogging.  He invited me to come along.

So I did.  I joined the team of bloggers at Empower Network and through the Butterfly Effect (making my choice to go and do and believe in myself) I can now say that I have authored two books and I blog every single day.  I live in Maui and I make my money from blogging, writing and sharing who I am and what my passions are with others.

Come on.  Open your wings.  Join me.

I’m personally calling women who need to make more money to feel free and to do their dreams to join my team.  I’ll stick with you the whole way even if you’ve never blogged before.

It is my passion and mission in life to enjoy every single day, (and I get to do that on the beach) and help others to do the same.  It will indeed make a better world amongst all the negative that is out there now.


How to Make Money Blogging as a Triathlete

ATTENTION TRIATHLETES:  You don’t have to be this guy.  Learn how to make money blogging as a triathlete in 8 steps.  Yes it’s like your triathlon training program only easier!  You can make an executive wage, work from your laptop from where ever you are and train for triathlon as much as you want to!  It’s a fabulous balance.

Triathletes are interesting people.  Other people are intrigued with triathletes and what they do.  People are drawn to triathletes for an underlying reason.  Triathletes are successful at carrying out a plan.  At training when they don’t feel like, at becoming a master of the body and mind.  For this same reason triathletes are good at making money blogging once they have the right training program in hand!

Support the Triathlete Lifestyle with Blogging

Triathletes need money to do their sport.  From the cost of equipment like those super cool $8000 Cervelo bikes to race entries and all the time and gear in between, triathletes need to figure out ways to make a lot of money and they need to do it in between all of their training.

Which is why learning how to make money blogging as a triathlete is the perfect fit.

Learning How to Make Money Blogging as a Triathlete is a Training Program easily accomplished by those who are in the practice of training for triathlon.

Imagine combining training programs!  You get to train more at triathlon and get faster, make it to Hawaii, all those kind of goals we triathletes challenge ourselves to AND we get to train in an 8 step easy program on how to make a lot of money blogging as a triathlete!

Empower your Triathlon Lifestyle with Blogging

I’ve done 9 Ironmans.  2 Hawaii’s.  I took all of the experience and learned not only to empower myself, but to empower others.

And face it…. money empowers.  I wanted to make money doing my own thing with time to train.  Although I do a lot of Stand Up Paddling now instead of training for triathlon myself, I coach those who are still in the sport, and lately with the resounding economy it also includes how to make enough money to stay in the sport of triathlon!

Plus I live in Hawaii.  And had to figure out a way to afford that!

Join me.  8 easy steps.  And a very small fee to get in.  Yeah $25.  If you are in triathlon, you have that to invest in a way to make more money than you ever have before as a blogger and enjoy your sport to it’s finest moments.

Learn how to make money blogging as a triathlete by joining our team of bloggers and writers.

This is as training program you can easily follow!  See you on my team soon!

Bank of America Stock How to Make Loss Back BloggingFuck me! He bought Bank of America stock.

I thought he could do it better than me. What I realize is I can do it better than him.  But it’s a hard lesson to learn.  NEVER let your “life partner” invest your money in stocks!  You too could end up losing big time to Bank of America stock.

He Said He Could Invest Better than I Could – Really?  Bank of America Stock?

It is so very true.  When someone tells you something enough times you start to believe it.  And when it comes to powerful women with their money, the same thing is true…. amazingly enough.

It’s been a hard lesson but today is a good day to learn it, or I guess it was about 4 months ago for me now.  I let my “life partner”, ummmm that would be former life partner invest my stocks, my IRA the whole 9 yards.  He bought things like Bank of America and I lost.

The truth is I found out about 4 months ago that $180,000 was just gone and my life partner was the one who was responsible for it!

Or Was the Bank of America Stock Major Fuck Up My Fault?

The truth of the matter is, yes it was my fault.  I did not take responsibility for my own money.  I did not make a habit of checking it every month, or weekly or like what I do now, I work with my money every single day.

If you want more of something you have to work with it, make it your friend in order to get more of it.

If you are a women you need to work with your money every single day… or ok, let’s say 5 days a week!  Don’t be a victim of allowing your money to take care of itself or worse yet someone else take care of it and end up with the debacle of Bank of America stock.

How I’m Learning to Recover from the Bank of America Stock

I’m recovering from losing all that money and starting at nearly zero again by training myself to work with my money every single day.  Just like I did when I trained for 9 Ironmans.  It’s the same training program really.  It’s called consistency.  It’s called leaving the fear behind and just doing it.  It’s called learning to believe in yourself enough that you KNOW YOU CAN DO IT BETTER.

The turn around doesn’t happen in one day.  You can’t build it back in one day, or 7 days or a couple of months.  It takes working with it every day.  Even on the days you don’t feel like it, even on the days where it feels scary, even on the days where you feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere.

How I’m Working With My Money Every Day Blogging To Regain $180,000 Bank of America Stock Loss

I’m blogging with Empower Network to regain my $180,000!  And it’s opened up the doors I have been looking at trying to enter for a long time.

I already love blogging, but I have struggled in the past because I wanted my blog to make money.  It actually does, but not enough money to seriously live on every month, or even better dig myself out of a $180,000 loss.

A then I was introduced to Empower Network.  A blog where I can write about my passions.  In fact I don’t even have to keep it to my small niche, which quite frankly as a writer got a little daunting.  I can write with passion about all the things I know, and make great money doing it.

Can you say DREAM JOB.

Blogging to Make My Money from my Laptop in Hawaii

There are 8 steps to start making money blogging.  They are taught easily and effortlessly in Empower Network.  Things that you may indeed know if you are already a blogger, but don’t really do.  In fact they may seem too simple to believe it would actually be the way to really make money blogging.

Once I started doing it, I realized it was like training for an Ironman, or managing my money.  You get better at it if you do it every single day.  Or 5 days a week is my rule.  One must have time for play especially when one lives in Hawaii!

It’s like anything. Consistency. That is what it takes to get anything you really want. Whether it is completing an Ironman or making a lot of money. If you get in and do the training every single day, even on those days where you don’t feel like it, or you feel like you have too many other things to do, it will pay off. Those are the days the training begins to really stick when you just fucking do it anyway.  Just like my Ironmans, the dream of achievement in blogging comes with sticking with doing the same things every day.

Just Fucking Do It – Start Blogging with the Help of Empower and Start Getting Paid

No excuses. No you don’t feel like it. No you don’t feel like you can spend $25 to promote your own butterfly effect. You’d spend it on a new Lululemon outfit… way more money to make yourself feel better.  Spend $25 and be consistent every week. Once every 3 days. Once every other day and see what comes back.

Don’t Do More Research Or Buy Another Program – Just Start Blogging Today – just like you don’t need to buy any more Bank of America stock!

I’m amazed at how many times it took me to learn this lesson. Same with the Bank of America stock lesson, and I’ve worked at it a lot. Now that I finally got it, the ANSWER to why I thought I was doing all the right things in my niche blog to make money and I didn’t. Here’s why.


Empower Network is about consistency. The outline of what to do every single day is there. It’s in eight easy steps right at the beginning.  And it’s already indexed in Alexa with no need for you to have to be your own SEO whiz.  Your blog is set up and ready to go.  You just have to fucking do it!

The Hard Part of Blogging to Make Money is Support – Find It Here

You gotta get support. You gotta get accountability. It takes doing what you haven’t done before to get to where you really want to go.  Or you gotta be motivated like me who is making back the $180,000 I lost due to things like Bank of America stock!

That is why I love Empower Network. I get to be that person that honestly can change the habit so you can make money too blogging.  Join my network!  Click on the video, add you name.  Hello and Aloha!

You’ll hear from me. I’ll give you the prompts to keep on doing what you know you need to do every single day, but up until this point you have let fear stop you.

Believe me. I finished 9 Ironmans. And I didn’t know how to swim at 32 years old. That’s consistency and learning how to stick to it. I teach you how to apply those same principles to make money with a blog.

 Blogging with Passion

Yep, there is a way that you can blog about what you are most passionate about and make money doing it. I’m so stoked to be a part of it. It certainly is a fabulous way to support my MauiGirl lifestyle!

Join Me! :)Click the video to the side or top of this article and send me your e-mail address. Its’ safe. I’m here (along with some other great teachers and mentors at Empower) to teach you to blog and how to make money from it.

Why? Because yes, it does make me money too. What a great motivator.

The same thing happens to you. When you start making money blogging, its very easy to lead someone down the same path you just took.

See you on the inside and much Aloha.



Lifeproof - blogging with water proof shock proof iPadI spent all last week at Ironman with the best triathletes in the world.  I also spent it with those who are now retired from the sport, yet have made their work around the sport.  And with working in the sport comes a lot of fun stuff I’m connected to, like blogging to make my money and connecting with sponsor people like Lifeproof.

What is Lifeproof

It’s a great name for a iPhone cover and an iPad cover.  It’s shock proof and water proof.  In other words, lifeproof!

Let’s face it.  We have become a mobile device society.  In fact during the Ironman World Championships last week the iPhone was the main way we knew who was where in the race as well as how we found each other all week long.

Those who love water sports will love Lifeproof.  It totally rocks.

I spent the week on a stand up paddle board every single morning, iPhone along.  Great photos both above and below the water.

Even though I was enjoying all the VIP-ing status I had, I also got my work done, which is getting paid to blog, while sitting on the beach right next to the water with my iPad.  Blogging about my passions in life for a great paycheck while I enjoyed my friends and being all around the Ironman spirit.

What an awesome life.  And this week Lifeproof allowed me to record the memories and share them with friends and family around the wrold.

Empowerment – Lifeproof Results

I’ve gotten the chance to do so many cool things in my life.  I did Ironman myself 9 times.  I have worked in the sport, I’ve gotten to get paid to work with dogs and now I get paid to blog about my passions.  It’s all very empowering.  It’s very Lifeproof.

I’ve empowered many by making choices outside the norm.  It’s is what I do and many times it takes someone really doing it to get someone else to believe they can too.

I Want to Empower You To Blog About What You Know and Make Money Doing It

I’ve done 9 Ironmans, I’ve been self employed for 24 years and I’ve now learned how to make money blogging.  I want to help you do the same.

I live in Maui.  You can too.  Join me and I will help you make an awesome living so you can live your lifestyle and your passions for real, in color.

Click on the video at the top or to the side.  I’ll see you on the other side and I’ll help you do it it too.  And yes…. don’t worry, the blog is already set up for you.  You just have to blog about what you know.

It’s Lifeproof!



Triathlete Under Pants Run


Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?  The Under Pants Run, what the hell is that?  Every year in Kona prior to the Ironman World Championship race there is an event that really defines the core of why a triathlete is the way they are.  The Under Pants Run.

Triathlete Under Pants Run

Triathletes tend to revel in their own bodies.  It’s the beauty of all those workouts and all that training.  How does one show all that work off?

Wear very little and for the most part and get away with it.  Especially when in Hawaii.  Check out proof of that here: Triathlon Competitor Under Pants Run Photos

Why the Triathlete Under Pants Run Started

Every year in Kona you can find more than one triathlete casually shopping in a local grocery store, checking into a fancy hotel, or holding court at a local coffee shop while sporting a little tiny Speedo.

While there are many who want to see a svelte women in a bikini just hanging out in these kind of places, the same feeling does not hold true when it comes to men in Speedos.  And thus the Under Pants Run was originally started to give those who felt they needed to run around in their skivvies a place to do it appropriately.

As well, it was designed to have every triathlete in Kona take an oath and abide by it.  The Under Pants Run is therefore an outlet where once during the Ironman World Championship week one can wear their underwear around in a perfectly acceptable form.

All other times, other than swimming the Under Pants Run Oath is in effect.

Under Pants Run Oath

I (state your name) solemnly swear that I will resist the temptation to wear the evil garment known commonly as:  togs, scungies, bun huggers, sluggos, plum smugglers, banana hammocks, crack splitters, butt floss, speedos, etc, etc, etc. outside of swimming or racing.  I further promise to uphold the sanctity of the local’s home of which I am a guest by frequenting public places in proper attire, obeying traffic laws, and being courteous at all times.  This I pledge as an Ironman Veteran, 1st timer, or wannabe.

Triathlete Blogging

Most triathletes I know are very dedicated to what they do.  And most also want to make more money from home their own computer while in between workouts.  Or later in the evening when it’s dark outside and training is dangerous.  Most triathletes would love to make their own work schedule around training and make great money, enough money to support triathlon racing whole staying in the 5 star hotels.

Many triathletes would certainly sign up to make money with a blog.

Blogging is cool.  Blogging has gained popularity and blogging has also become lucrative.  Want to make money writing about whatever it is that you are passionate about?

Here’s what to do.  Click the video to the side or the top.  If you decide to join me, I’ll personally help you make your living off of writing and blogging around your triathlon training!

Can’t wait to empower you to do the dream job just like you do the dream sport.

Click the video.  See you soon!


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